Make Your Message Heard

When you underwrite public radio programming your message will be heard on trusted, uncluttered platforms that reach a diverse and engaged audience living, working, and playing across Southeast Alaska and the Aleutians. Whether your goal is promoting your business, airing a PSA campaign, or giving back to your community, sponsoring public radio programming is a powerful way to make your message and voice heard across the region.


Business Testimonials

Public radio audiences are engaged and involved in their communities. As a regional university, we depend on a strong connection to our community. Underwriting public radio allows UAS to reach potential students, parents, and adult learners. We have free events open to the public, provide lifelong learning opportunities, and are a resource to the community. Public radio helps us to tell our story and to keep UAS vital in the minds of the public. I recommend underwriting public radio with CoastAlaska because their audiences are loyal listeners who value the same things we do: curiosity, education, and investment in their communities and the world.

Alison KreinCreative Manager for University of Alaska Southeast

Underwriting with CoastAlaska connects United Way of Southeast Alaska to donors and supporters providing services across the region, from Yakutat to Metlakatla. Southeast is a diverse marketplace; one size does not fit all. But we’ve found that underwriting public radio is a natural way to connect with folks and it’s an important piece of our outreach.

Wayne StevensPresident of United Way of Southeast Alaska

Public radio is an essential tool for public health. Whether it is information about a local support meeting, a tsunami, a pandemic or the local breast cancer screening options, public radio amplifies messaging and underscores its value for the public good. As a busy healthcare consortium with clinical functions across Southeast Alaska, underwriting with the reach of CoastAlaska has helped SEARHC communicate important changes in our healthcare systems and update communities with current best practices. The message of your business or organization is like a seed that you hope will grow in your audience’s mind. If your message is the seed, CoastAlaska is the wind that scatters it and finds that fertile ground where it will thrive.

Martha PearsonSEARHC Health Promotion Division Director

Underwriting public radio programs is a wonderful and cost-effective way to educate listeners about one’s business. Once the Sitka Food Coop’s spots started airing on the shows that we chose to underwrite, we saw a definite and substantial increase in interest in our business and eventually in our sales. Not only that, when you underwrite programs, you’re also showing your support for public radio. The listening community and your business “win” by underwriting public programming. It’s definitely worth doing.

Keith NyitraySitka Food Coop General Manager

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